Synegrate is a technology focused company with a pragmatic approach. The customized project management methodology we developed, has been tried and tested and proven to yield excellent results. Our consulting approach has been honed through experience to identify best practices and deliver architectural design in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Prototyping / Proof of Concept

Synegrate is typically approached to solve a specific business case or challenge.


Introduction: During the first stage of engagement our team(s) would review the requirements at hand with the customer and will come up some options, solutions or strategies to address the challenges.


Strategy Briefing: In the 2nd stage of the engagement, our team collaborate with Microsoft staff at the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) to set up a 1 or 2 day learning and discovery session.

During this session, Microsoft will showcase the technology offerings pertinent to the customers’ business challenges. Synegrate and Microsoft will review adoption strategies and best practice approaches with the customer.


Architectural Design Session (ADS): The 3rd stage of engagement entails a collaborative session between Synegrate and the customer’s architects, technology influencers and decision makers to design a future state architecture for the customer to satisfy the customer’s business challenges.


Proof of Concept: To close out the prototyping process, we work with the customer to single out a single small use case to implement, utilizing the technology offerings discussed in the strategy briefing, aligned to the future-state architecture designed in the ADS session. The outcome of this is a small subset of the envisioned future state architecture, that addresses a specific customer business problem and solves it efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

At this point, after successfully completing the prototype, we would want the customer to be at the level of comfort with the technology and our team to allow them to either self-implement, or to engage with Synegrate to provide implementation capabilities alongside the customer’s existing implementation teams. Various models of engagement are available to fit in with customer requirements and budgets.


Our engagement process is designed to deliver maximum value, with the most efficient usage of resources possible. The process is designed to the simple and repeatable. It is applied at the macro scale to the entire engagement, and again at the micro scale to each iterative implementation/development cycle.

Synegrate does not work in isolation; the process involves the customer at every stage. From an overall project execution point of view, the customer is involved to ensure the project meets their expectations. At the detail level, the customer is required to provide valuable input to ensure each individual deliverable meets their standards.