Problem Statement:

Business-as-usual activities such as new feature development, production support, maintenance and monitoring encumbers organizations in the process of migrating their current BizTalk Applications to BizTalk 2016. More often than not, we find that companies underestimate the process of migrating to a new BizTalk environment. In most cases in-place upgrades are not possible or advisable resulting in lengthy migration projects. A typical outcome of this is a company living with two or more BizTalk environments for an extended period of time, increasing the cost of ownership and decreasing the organization’s agility.

Value Proposition:

Synegrate will analyze your company’s migration requirements and provide you with a tailored migration plan. Our experts will plan, manage and execute on the migration putting you on your new BizTalk 2016 environment in the shortest possible time. This frees up company BizTalk resources to focus on business-as-usual activities like production support and new feature development.


Synegrate provides a Quick-Start team consisting of an architect to provide oversight, a project manager and a small team of senior BizTalk developers. The team will execute our tried and tested BizTalk 2016 migration protocol, which consists of the following:

  1. Analyze current integration landscape
  2. Catalog all BizTalk solutions
  3. Identify best practice enhancements
  4. Identify performance improvements
  5. Compile a migration project plan inclusive of a testing and phased production release plan
  6. Provision new BizTalk 2016 environments
  7. Divide and conquer – Our BizTalk experts will start migrating your BizTalk applications to 2016 whilst applying best practice enhancements and addressing potential performance issues in the code
  8. Testing
  9. Phased release to production
  10. Provide Documentation on BizTalk 2016 Application architecture
  11. Run book


The duration and ultimately, the cost, is dependent on the size of the current BizTalk implementation, the number of BizTalk Applications and the complexity of each application. Since it is not possible to provide a one size fits all cost, we happily provide a free 2 hour remote discovery session to size your migration. After the discovery session, our experts will be able to provide you a tailored proposal to migrate your BizTalk integration landscape to BizTalk 2016.

Post Migration:

Once the migration is complete, we provide a knowledge transfer to your in-house BizTalk team, inclusive of documentation. Alternatively we also offer customizable managed service offerings.


Please contact us for a free consultation by using any of the contact options on our web site or sending an email directly to: