Patagonia, Inc. is an American clothing company which focuses mainly on high-end outdoor clothing. Based in Ventura, California, the company is a member of several environmental movements.Patagonia contracted Synegrate to assist with building out a hybrid Enterprise Service Bus architecture comprising of the existing (on premise) Biztalk services and the Azure Logic Apps & API management services. This architecture provides the company with the best of breed in terms of future scalability, security and flexibility for the fast growing business.



Kofax Limited (NASDAQ) ) is an American software provider based in Irvine, California. It produces applications that simplify information-intensive customer interactions. Kofax software provides information capture, process management, data integration, customer communications management and analytics capabilities that enable organizations to increase responsiveness to customers, provide a higher level of service, gain a competitive advantage and grow their businesses – all while streamlining operations and reducing operating costs.

Synegrate assisted Kofax with building out their Azure Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) environment to enable scalable environments for their product Development and Testing.


Bridgepoint Education

Synegrate is a Microsoft Gold Partner (Integration) based out of Irvine, California since 2005. The company has been selected as the goto partner for the Azure Black Belt team and works with members of that team across the country in implementation and planning of cutting edge Azure technologies.

In early 2016 the Azure Black belt team introduced Synegrate to a local San Diego based customer Bridgepoint Education. Bridgepoint owns two accredited universities, Ashford University online and University of the Rockies. Bridgepoint Education also owns Waypoint Outcomes, which provides learning and assessment software to educational institutions across the United States. The software combines rubric grading scales with technology to help educators teach writing, critical thinking, and cognitive skills.

Bridgepoint Education were in the process of planning a hybrid cloud architecture to modernize their web and integration landscape. The Synegrate team collaborated with the architects at Bridgepoint to establish a cloud based architecture, utilizing the latest Azure technology offerings, that would scale easily to the 50,000 plus students and employees. The resultant architecture was reviewed by key Microsoft architects on the Redmond campus and given the go ahead (stamp of approval).

The specific architectural areas Synegrate helped Bridgepoint refine were:

  • Productivity
    Bridgepoint worked with Synegrate to review the Azure Active Directory implementation, establish a Password Self Service proof of concept as well as establishing patterns on integrating Azure Active Directory authentication and authorization to BPI’s student facing web apps
  • Web
    Synegrate defined Bridgepoint’s lift and shift strategy for migrating web apps currently hosted on premises to Azure. The pattern included strategies on modernizing the solutions, applying best practices as well as applying Azure Active Directory integration.
  • Integration
    Synegrate assisted Bridgepoint’s architect team in refining their Integration landscape utilizing the latest Azure Integration offerings such as API Management, Logic Apps, API Connectors, Service Bus, Express Route and App Service Environment (ASE). Synegrate also provided guidance on hybrid integration strategies in order for Bridgepoint to leverage existing investments in their on-premises applications, to complement their future state cloud Integration landscape.


Customer Success:

Bridgepoint has already started down the road of migrating much of their traditionally on-premises capabilities to the cloud. They configured an Azure Active Directory for the student body and have all the synchronizations in place.

Bridgepoint are nowon the cusp of starting phase 2, an initiative to migrate on-premises solutions, such as integration and web workloads to Azure.


BullsEye Telecom

BullsEye Telecom approached Synegrate to assist them in development of their BizTalk Server 2010 based ticketing integration system. Our expert BizTalk resources helped them integrate their in-house ticketing system with a 3rd party ticketing system using BizTalk Server.