Synegrate has a rich integration heritage, implementing integration solutions on the Microsoft stack since the original release of BizTalk Server back in 2000. Over the past years the discipline of integration has been evolving. What started out as classic point to point integrations, evolved to hub and spoke, service bus, service oriented architectures and enterprise service bus and now ultimately to a concept or architectural pattern called Modern Integration. Synegrate is on the forefront of these developments.



Microsoft SQL Server is officially the world’s most advanced and powerful database (Top right hand corner of the Gartner Magic Quadrant RDBMS 2016). Synegrate has advanced skills in SQL Server and related technologies and offer our customers real world experience. Businesses implementing relational databases systems, data warehouse and also document based databases such as Document DB, rely on Synegrate as an implementation partner to provide guidance, best practices and implementation resources. On the big data front Synegrate’s expertise in HD Insight, Microsoft’s Azure offering that includes Azure Data Lake Store, Data Lake Analytics and Hadoop, can help businesses gain valuable insight into the data that flows into their organizations each day.



Data is everywhere. These days even your fridge or your toaster at home is producing data. But one of the biggest data producers out there is still web and mobile applications. Most businesses disseminate and gather data to and from their users by means of web and mobile applications.  Synegrate provides organizations with the capability to grow their business by empowering them with a scalable and elastic web application architecture. With the guidance of Synegrate, businesses are no longer encumbered by the constraints of on premise web application hosting. Synegrate provides lift and shift services to migrate existing investments into applications to the Azure cloud. Synegrate also provides implementation services to create enterprise grade scalable web solutions from the ground up using microservices based approaches.



Small businesses can save a good bit of both time and money by using hosted software tools and harnessing the power of cloud computing. Software as a Service (SaaS) makes great sense for small businesses — you only pay for what you need and someone else does the work of data backup, security and updates.

Synegrate has assisted multiple organizations in reducing costs and complexity by moving their productivity software to the Office365 platform. Benefits like single sign-on across cloud and on premise applications, increased security and far better control over devices and applications makes the investment compelling.