Data Where and When You Need it for Your Business

Data is the most valuable asset in virtually all organizations. Bringing data to the system or process where and when it is most needed, is ultimately what drives value for your business. Synegrate leverages Microsoft’s powerful set of integration capabilities, ranging from Microsoft BizTalk Server to the Microsoft Azure cloud to realize the potential of your business data. Synegrate can help break the shackles of traditional data silos and free your encumbered data to flow to where it adds most value.


Experience You Can Rely on

Synegrate is a trusted partner to many organizations, including Patagonia and Bridgepoint Education, that have relied on Synegrate to connect their disparate data, processes, assets and business systems. Synegrate brings the latest integration strategies and technology advances to customers, helping customers lower cost and increase value.


A Winning Formula

Synegrate’s integration practice provides businesses with real world integration solutions, built on modern integration concepts. Strategies, such a hybrid integration, are applied to provide businesses an efficient roadmap to migrate their integration workloads to the Azure cloud. Specialists in B2B (Business to Business) integration and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration).