Cloud Enablement

Cloud Enablement is defined as the implementation of a company’s application, data and infrastructure landscape in the cloud.

This can be a new startup deploying applications and infrastructure into the cloud, or an existing enterprise migrating applications, data and infrastructure from on premise. Cloud Enablement furthermore defines the promise of an efficient, integrated and cost effective enterprise.

Synegrate helps both new and existing organizations envision and architect a robust cloud strategy, based on industry best practices, as well as providing the technical implementation expertise.


Hybrid Cloud

The Microsoft Azure cloud provides organizations a holistic solution, where employees become more productive, the organization’s agility is improved and money is saved.

New companies have the luxury in starting out in the cloud, whereas established organizations have to migrate to the cloud. There are many options available to established organizations as they plan out their migrations. The options are mostly made possible by Microsoft’s support for the Hybrid cloud, where the on premise network meets the private and public cloud. Companies can opt to rehost their solutions in Azure, applying lift and shift approaches. In other instances it would make more sense to completely rewrite solutions to make use of the latest technologies, providing competitive advantages. Sometimes an application is not widely used and it makes sense to either keep it where it is or retire it.

Synegrate can help your organization design a hybrid cloud strategy and help you execute on it.