Maximize the efficiency of your web apps

Traditional web app implementations involved costly and beefy web farms to cater for redundancy and peak user load. Organizations were having to implement high end web servers to manage the peak load scenarios usually only experienced at certain times of the month. Synegrate is helping organizations migrate their traditional on-premise web applications to the Microsoft Azure cloud. The ROI is almost immediate. Not only do your applications scale automatically in Azure, other factors such as business continuity, redundancy and backups are automatically taken care of by the platform. The benefit to your business is realized in lower operational cost, less complexity and more flexibility.


Custom Web Applications

If there is one area where our team has build up extensive experience over the past few years it is in Custom Web development. The development team is skilled at building every form of web applications -from external facing websites to in house applications on mobile or browser platforms.

Utilizing the latest technologies like Angular 2.0, .Net (Core) and Single page applications (SPA) provides for the best end user experience in terms of performance and usability. For customers with previous generation based technologies like ASP.net or Php, the difference will be extremely obvious. With the introduction of Azure cloud services a plethora of options like media services, database connectivity from everywhere and machine learning can be offered at a fairly low price point (compared to 3rd party or ISV applications).