The era of data-enriched offerings and data driven goals

Customer consumption of products or services generate increasing amounts of data. The ability to analyze these sets of data can be beneficial for both customers and the business. This provides the ability to embed analytics and achive optimization into every business decision made at the front lines of operations. It has the potential to unify all business data needed for on-demand analytics using following Azure services to power intelligent action.

  • Data Lake Analytics
  • Data Lake Store
  • HD Insight
  • Stream Analytics
  • Data Factory
  • Power BI Embedded

Shortcuts to decisions and actions

Analytics can deliver better user experiences and better decision making by analyzing massive amounts of data in real time. With these insights it is possible deliver valuable information to customers to increase their revenue but also enables them to enhance decision making while improving the overall user experience at the same time.

Synegrate, a Microsoft Gold Partner and member of “Azure Black belt Program” and their expertise in Microsoft’s Azure Advance Analytics offering can help your businesses gain valuable insight into the data that flows into your organizations each day to power intelligent actions.