Monitor applications, detect and diagnose exceptions

With the Azure Application Insights a developer can proactively detect and diagnose issues that might affect applications. Performance monitoring, alerting and rich dashboards ensure that applications are healthy and optimized for desired performance.

In a nutshell Application Insights covers the following features:

  • Application performance management – Detect, Triage and Diagnose
  • Interactive data analytics – Get answers to your tough question with powerful search using analytics query language
  • Machine learning – powerful cloud based analytics
  • Azure Diagnostics – Enables the collection of diagnostic data on a deployed application
  • DevOps integration – Diagnose problems from within your development environment, and incorporate monitoring in your DevOps processes

Share code, track work, and ship software - all in a single package

Visual Studio Team Services is one of the fastest and easiest way to plan, build, and ship software. It also provides cloud-powered continuous integration and deployment. This enables teams to start collaborating quickly, plan better, code together and ship faster with following features:

  • Develop in any language – Your language. Your platform
  • Tools for Agile teams – Kanban, Scrum, dashboards
  • Continuous integration & deployment – Build, package, test, release, repeat
  • Continuous testing – Test early, test often, ship with confidence

Synegrate, a Microsoft Gold Partner and member of “Azure Black belt Program” can help you setting developer services to plan, build, and ship software faster.