Synegrate has proven a reliable partner for customers globally. Over the years the company has been successful in assisting customers in various Microsoft solution based endeavors that created value propositions ranging from reduced costs or complexity to increased availability and security. Here are some stories and examples of our loyal customers.



Patagonia, Inc. is an American clothing company which focuses mainly on high-end outdoor clothing. Based in Ventura, California, the company is a member of several environmental movements.Patagonia contracted Synegrate to assist with building out a hybrid Enterprise Service Bus architecture comprising of the existing (on premise) Biztalk services and the Azure Logic Apps & API management services. This architecture provides the company with the best of breed in terms of future scalability, security and flexibility for the fast growing business.



Kofax Limited (NASDAQ) ) is an American software provider based in Irvine, California. It produces applications that simplify information-intensive customer interactions. Kofax software provides information capture, process management, data integration, customer communications management and analytics capabilities that enable organizations to increase responsiveness to customers, provide a higher level of service, gain a competitive advantage and grow their businesses – all while streamlining operations and reducing operating costs.

Synegrate assisted Kofax with building out their Azure Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) environment to enable scalable environments for their product Development and Testing.


Bridgepoint Education

Synegrate is a Microsoft Gold Partner (Integration) based out of Irvine, California since 2005. The company has been selected as the goto partner for the Azure Black Belt team and works with members of that team across the country in implementation and planning of cutting edge Azure technologies.

In early 2016 the Azure Black belt team introduced Synegrate to a local San Diego based customer Bridgepoint Education. Bridgepoint owns two accredited universities, Ashford University online and University of the Rockies. Bridgepoint Education also owns Waypoint Outcomes, which provides learning and assessment software to educational institutions across the United States. The software combines rubric grading scales with technology to help educators teach writing, critical thinking, and cognitive skills.

Bridgepoint Education were in the process of planning a hybrid cloud architecture to modernize their web and integration landscape. The Synegrate team collaborated with the architects at Bridgepoint to establish a cloud based architecture, utilizing the latest Azure technology offerings, that would scale easily to the 50,000 plus students and employees. The resultant architecture was reviewed by key Microsoft architects on the Redmond campus and given the go ahead (stamp of approval).

The specific architectural areas Synegrate helped Bridgepoint refine were:

  • Productivity
    Bridgepoint worked with Synegrate to review the Azure Active Directory implementation, establish a Password Self Service proof of concept as well as establishing patterns on integrating Azure Active Directory authentication and authorization to BPI’s student facing web apps
  • Web
    Synegrate defined Bridgepoint’s lift and shift strategy for migrating web apps currently hosted on premises to Azure. The pattern included strategies on modernizing the solutions, applying best practices as well as applying Azure Active Directory integration.
  • Integration
    Synegrate assisted Bridgepoint’s architect team in refining their Integration landscape utilizing the latest Azure Integration offerings such as API Management, Logic Apps, API Connectors, Service Bus, Express Route and App Service Environment (ASE). Synegrate also provided guidance on hybrid integration strategies in order for Bridgepoint to leverage existing investments in their on-premises applications, to complement their future state cloud Integration landscape.


Customer Success:

Bridgepoint has already started down the road of migrating much of their traditionally on-premises capabilities to the cloud. They configured an Azure Active Directory for the student body and have all the synchronizations in place.

Bridgepoint are nowon the cusp of starting phase 2, an initiative to migrate on-premises solutions, such as integration and web workloads to Azure.



Targus is the leading global supplier of notebook carrying cases and accessories. Synegrates assisted Targus with migrating their K2 2003 process flows and K2 2003 environment to K2 BlackPearl. Synegrate provided the expert knowledge to build Targus’s new K2 BlackPearl production environment. Synegrate furthermore built Targus’s new K2 BlackPearl processes using K2’s new SmartForms technology.


BullsEye Telecom

BullsEye Telecom approached Synegrate to assist them in development of their BizTalk Server 2010 based ticketing integration system. Our expert BizTalk resources helped them integrate their in-house ticketing system with a 3rd party ticketing system using BizTalk Server.



LSA Associates Inc. is an environmental, transportation and planning services consulting firm.LSA Associates approached Synegrate to help with the conceptualizing, design, development and implementation of a SharePoint Collaboration web site, with the aim at enhancing environmental project collaboration.


Molina Healthcare

Synegrate has been instrumental in assisting Molina architect deploy the following 2 processes: 1. The Claims Process: This is a high volume process where over 60 000 claims are processed per month. The K2 process increased the efficiencies of the claims operators by streamlining the exception handling, in cases where the claims could not be processed electronically. 2. The UM process: This process handles incoming faxes via a Rightfax component.


Guitar Center

Guitar Center is a chain of musical instrument retailers with over 200 retail locations across the United States. With over 10,000 employees, the Human Resources department plays a key role in the successful operation of the organization. Successful operation is dependent on efficient and robust business processes. The Guitar Center Human Resources department has identified a need to improve and automate the current business processes which are in place regarding how employees join and leave the company, and how employee status changes are handled. Synegrate has been approached by Guitar Center to assist with improving and automating 3 key HR business processes: The Employee Separation Process, the Employee New Hire Process and the Employee Status Change Process.


Healthcare Partners

Synegrate architected, developed and implemented the Notification of Medical Procedure Updates (IPA-NPU) workflow solution.In order to improve relations with Health Care Partners Contracted Physicians, Health Care Partners (HCP) identified a need to standardize and provide consistent communication from HCP central departments and regional teams to our employed physicians, contracted physicians, and ancillary providers. The solution was totally integrated with the company’s Intranet which is implemented on Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal Server 2003. Responsible approvers for each document type is resolved by from an ‘Approval Grid’ which is stored in a SQL Table. The number of different Approver Combinations that can be resolved by the workflow exceeds 4 billion.Synegrate architected, developed (in progress) and will implement the Patient Administration Workflow System. The solution will decrease the rate of patient re-admissions and increase patient and provider satisfaction. The solution will ensure that relevant clinical information is conveyed from the Hospital Physician to the Primary Care Physician and that the necessary Physician and/or Specialist appointments and patient follow-ups are done in the most effective and optimized way.Synegrate re-designed and implemented the company-wide Intranet Portal. This project required extensive customization of Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server pages, templates, style sheets and the creation of custom Web Parts.


Microsoft Corporation

Synegrate consulting has trained Microsoft developers to get a better understanding of using 2003 to automate business processes to deliver dramatic improvements in efficiency, accountability and compliance across their organization.


Clear Channel Communications, Inc

Clear Channel Communications, Inc. (NYSE:CCU) is a global media and entertainment company specializing in “gone from home” entertainment and information services for local communities and premiere opportunities for advertisers. Based in San Antonio, Texas, the Company’s businesses include radio, outdoor displays, live entertainment events and venues, and television stations.Synegrate was responsible for setting up the Clustered and Distributed 2003 environment at Clear Channel. This involved installing the various components as well as configuring Kerberos delegation. We also designed and implemented a workflow process which integrates with PeopleSoft on the supplier payment side. The workflow handles the approval of new vendors and also the approvals of payments to existing vendors. After an approval is received the information is injected into the PeopleSoft system by utilizing BizTalk 2004 and the 2003 BizTalk adapters. The End-user interfaces are hosted on a SharePoint Portal Server company portal.


Crowe Chizek and Company LLC

Crowe Chizek and Company LLC provides innovative business solutions in the areas of assurance, benefit plan services, financial advisory, forensic services, performance services, risk consulting, and tax consulting. Crowe, a Crowe Group LLP entity, was founded in 1942. One of the top 10 public accounting and consulting firms in the United States.After being involved in a Proof of Concept, during which it was proved that 2003 is the right solution for this company, Synegrate designed and implemented a Microsoft InfoPath Integrated 2003 Business Process for managing Client Engagement Acceptance Requests. This Engagement involved extensive InfoPath customization enabling the consumption of corporate information through the use of various Web Services. The solution also included integration with Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server.


Advanced Energy

AE® product technologies drive high-growth, plasma thin-film manufacturing processes worldwide, including semiconductors, flat panel displays, data storage products, solar cells, architectural glass, and other advanced product applications. Synegrate designed and implemented a Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server Integrated 2003 Business Process for managing the approval of new and changed HR Policy Documents. The integration points included the customization of the SharePoint Document Shortcut Menu, automatic addition of News Articles on the Portal and the moving of the document to the correct SharePoint Library. Designed and Implemented an Employee Sign-off process which is used by the HR Department to track whether Employees is knowledgeable on Company Policies.


Cooper Standard Automotive USA

Cooper-Standard Automotive is the leading manufacturer of sealing system products, fluid systems, vibration control applications and other related products.After being involved in a Proof of Concept, during which it was proved that 2003 is the right solution for this company, Synegrate designed and implemented a ASP.Net Integrated 2003 Business Process.


TV Guide USA

TV Guide is an electronic television magazine broadcasted by TV stations. It contains information about the current programs as well as information for the next few days. Synegrate consulting helped TV Guide to design a business process to handle the approval of streaming content submitted by various TV stations. After content is approved it is available on the web site.


Genesys Lab USA

Genesys – a wholly owned subsidiary of Alcatel – is the leading provider of customer call center and interaction management solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Synegrate consulting developed an ASP.Net integrated 2003 Business Process for the company.