As Chief Technology Officer, Riaan brings over 20 years of experience in Microsoft based technologies to the table. Riaan has a passion for technology, which is in turn complemented by his deep technical knowledge in integration, web and data solutions.

Riaan is an integration, data and web expert, with most of his career spent in architecture and development. He furthermore is a strong supporter of Microsoft’s cloud first, mobile first strategy and has aligned Synegrate with this strategy. He is also a member of the elite Microsoft Virtual Technology Specialist (VTSP) team, a small group of selected industry experts working as an extension to the Microsoft Technology Specialist teams. He has a strong relationship with Microsoft as a valued partner in implementing enterprise solutions on top of Microsoft Azure.

He has a strong track record of working with clients to deliver results in cloud enablement strategies and integration architectures. Riaan has worked with clients across the globe, delivering solutions and architectures of various scale, load and criticality.