Who is Synegrate?

Synegrate’s core focus is data. We have data coursing through our veins; it is in our DNA. We specialize in the storing, integration, dissemination, visualization and analytics of data. We create modern data driven applications, BPM (Business Process Management) processes to orchestrate data and dashboards for data analysis.

Synegrate is a 100% Microsoft focused company that is fully committed to the Microsoft Azure cloud services and solutions.

We utilize the platforms, products and tools provided by Microsoft, to provide our customers with innovation, analytics and insight. We’re a front runner in helping our customers realize their future state architectures on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Microsoft Gold Partner, Application Integration
Microsoft Silver Partner, Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure Black Belt Partner
Microsoft P-Seller
Microsoft V-TSP
Member of the Microsoft Azure Everywhere Program


Key differentiators


As a result of our commitment to the Microsoft stack of products and the Azure cloud, we are able to provide our customers with focused expertise. This approach results in faster time-to-value while at the same time lower implementation costs.


Our SCRUM based methodology, coupled with our Azure Quick Start Programs, allows customers to realize accelerated time to value on solution implementations. We have a proven track record of providing value to customers through our tried and tested project methodology.


We run a tight ship. Our typical project execution team consists of a Project Lead, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect and Cloud developers/implementers. This model scales to the requirements of the customer. In cases where our teams work alongside customer teams, we still assign our PM to the project to ensure the highest level of project execution with the greatest value to the customer.


All our key differentiators culminate into the last, and arguably most important of our key differentiators: Expertise. Due to our laser focus on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, our proven methodology and pristine track record of execution, we are able to provide a depth of expertise not currently common in the market. It is due to this depth of expertise that we have been named the “Go-To Partner for the Azure Global Black Belt team for Integration and web workloads”.

Synegrate Core Skills

Enterprise Integration

  • BizTalk Server
  • Service Bus
  • Logic Apps
  • Flows

Internet of Things

  • Azure loT Hub
  • Event Hubs
  • Stream Analytics
  • Notification Hubs

Web & Mobile

  • App Service
  • API Management
  • Notification Hubs
  • Functions

Data & Storage

  • SQL Server
  • SQL Database
  • Document DB
  • Storage
  • SQL Data Warehouse
  • SQL Server Stretch Database


  • Data Lake Analytics
  • Data Lake Store
  • HD Insight
  • Stream Analytics
  • Data Factory
  • Power BI Embedded


  • Scheduler
  • Automation
  • Log Analytics
  • Key Vault
  • Backup
  • Site Recovery

Developer Services

  • VSTS
  • Application Insights


  • Virtual Machines
  • Service Fabric
  • Containers
  • App Service Environment
  • Express Routes
  • VPN


  • Cognitive Services
  • Bot Framework

Success Stories