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Disparate integration practices, the lack of standards and governance oversight bears great costs for organizations in the form of stability, time, money and agility. The Integration Center of Excellence provides the strategic foundation that underpins the IT strategy to facilitate a formalized approach to Enterprise Integration within the organization, ultimately resulting in higher quality integrations, greater ROI with improved TCO.

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Explore how Synegrate is helping a manufacturer improve efficiency while saving time & money

Our solution underpins strategies such as business digitization, a key enabler for the 360 degree view of the customer

Synegrate is working with a chemical-technology manufacturing customer to implement a complete digitization strategy, a project underpinned by our Enterprise Integration Center of Excellence program.


Our Enterprise Integration Center of Excellence program promotes a streamlined business by digitally transforming the way in which business is done. Paper trails, manual processing and dual capture of data is soon to be something of the past. Centralization of data, a 360 degree view of the customer and single point of data entry are key components enabled by our program that the customer will reap the benefits from.


Our Enterprise Integration Center of Excellence is a governance and standards program that carries benefits beyond the IT department. Imagine your manufacturing organization no longer has to deal with the following problems:


  • Security and compliancy concerns

  • High complexity

  • Low productivity

  • Lack of insights

  • Data in silos
  • Data irregularities 

  • Erroneous and cumbersome business processes

What business benefits will our Enterprise Integration Center of excellence provide?

  • Time and money saved

  • Increased security and compliancy

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased insights

  • Reduced complexity

  • Reduced time to market

  • Reduced operational costs



Integrations historically evolved without structure, design and governance.


Information workers / developers integrated systems with tooling they were familiar with, following no real strategy or accountability.


The result being an integration landscape that is non-maintainable, does not scale well, and ends up being a liability to the organization.

Our Center of Excellence program will establish the integration strategy within your organization that will govern the practice of integration with best practice architectures, standards, policies and procedures.


Due to proper governance, Integration becomes a commodity and an asset to the organization.

The strongest tenet of an Integration strategy is the people, processes and policies that govern it.


Organizations with an Integration Center of Excellence will be more agile to the evolving needs to the business, while maintaining strict security, standards and quality with a reduced time to market and lowered operational costs.

Engage with Synegrate to Fix

An inconsistent or missing Integration Strategy

High operational costs, difficulty maintaining integration solutions

A lack of governance, standards, architectural vision

Productivity problems as a result of dual capture, manual processing and data irregularities

Integrations that are not reliable or stable

Long implementation times for new business drivers / requirements

Security and compliancy issues

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