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Outdated apps and manual processes hinder businesses from growth, impacts customer service and ability to deliver your services and products. This impacts your bottom line. 

We build specialized mobile and web apps that connects you, your employees and your customers, optimizes business processes and put you ahead of your competition. 

Unlike some of our competitors who focus on technology first, our outcomes based approach focuses on the app's overall value proposition, ensuring you and your customers get maximum value. Then only do we partner this with technology to provide you with the competitive edge.



We build apps for innovators. We design and build custom apps to solve unique business challenges, allowing innovators and visionaries to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries. 

We approach apps differently... Synegrate focuses on the outcomes first. The reason you need an app in the first place. Whether it be connecting to your customers, reducing turnaround times on processes, providing a superior customer service, or increasing profitability these and more are the outcomes our solutions deliver on.

Hiring a vendor to realize your vision for an app could be a daunting undertaking. You will have to consider professionalism, quality, ability to deliver, and cost. You should not entrust your vision to just any vendor. 

Synegrate is different. We hear you... and we understand the journey you are about to embark on. We have taken this journey with many companies such as yours before. We differentiate ourselves to the "other guys" in the following ways:

  • We care about your company, your role in the company and the impact this app will have on your business

  • We care about the overall outcome. This app must deliver on its promise and then some! 

  • We will bring a lot of ideas to the table on how to innovate using technology. Like you, we want this app to be revolutionary. We are looking to build the app that disrupts your industry!

When to engage with Synegrate

You're a Start-Up

You are a new start-up and you wish to get a foothold in your industry.

Superior Customer Experience

A custom application for your business can connect you directly with your customers to enhance the experience they have with your business.

Competitive Edge

As an innovator, you want to outpace your competitors by offering better technology.

Extend Digital Footprint

It may make sense to extend your service offerings or products to mobile devices or web based applications.

Increase Profitability

You want to reach more customers with better technology, optimize your business processes to improve your bottom line. 

Outdated Apps

You currently have a custom application built specifically for your business, but it is old and outdated. It is time for a new app to support your evolving business needs.


Ready to embark on your innovation journey?
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