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Microsoft Inspire 2020 Corenote Day 1

A very inspiring keynote address for this years’ Microsoft Inspire session!!

Synegrate is proud to share the same values as those expressed during the keynote address delivered on July 21, 2020.

Microsoft, and its partner eco-system, really came to the fore at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and provided new and enhanced experiences across many different organizations, from healthcare to manufacturing, farming, wholesale and retail through the Microsoft vision, shared by its partners, of:

  • Resiliency

  • Response

  • Recovery

  • Reimagine

The entire Microsoft stack of products and solutions were ready, and provided the fundamentals, for when the world was hit by the pandemic, and many partners responded very quickly to help customers, governments and healthcare providers with solutions and products, in this fast transforming landscape.

Many examples were shown where the Microsoft Intelligent Edge and Intelligent Cloud, was used to rapidly deliver solutions as required by customers. Much of the new normal is now driven by systems and processes built on the Azure cloud, or customers making use of collaboration tools such as Teams.

Many customers had to fast track their digital transformation and, as was highlighted during the keynote address, “Digital transformation is business transformation empowered by digital technology”, often having to do so on a scale never imagined.

The same principles and foundations that Microsoft uses to engage with their partners, such as Synegrate, are in place when Synegrate engage with customers, all built on trust to co-create and co-innovate.

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